Crochet baby mittens

These mittens I made for fun. But I am selling them on eBay, they are for newborn/babies at age young age group. Here is the link below if you are interested. They are perfectly warm and machine washable. The reason their is three pictures of the same item in the post is because I wanted to take it from all sides.

Pok�mon piplup hat crochet

Recently I made this hat for commission for a friend. It’s a piplup hat, it was a difficult hat to make because I never could align the yarn in the right places (if that makes sense.) But it is done now so I can mail it as soon as the money order comes in. As for now i am going to continue practicing crochet to make more hats and improve my skill.


Sorry it has been a long time everyone I was busy practicing my crochet art and a few more Pinatas. I was even at a tag sale this summer selling some.

Litten Pinata

How I’m making the fire starter Litten from Sun and Moon. This is my secret.

Reference just to see how you would start it out.

Balloons to start the body.